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Window Tinting in Fort St. John

Since 1988, Autographics Trim & Signs has been providing window tinting for Fort St. John cars, vans and trucks. We're experienced in working with all of these vehicles and can safely and expertly perform this service. 

Window tinting is primarily done to shield the interior of your vehicle from the sun's harsh rays. You've probably been in a car without tinted windows at some point and felt your body temperature climb, forcing you to keep turning up the AC to no avail. Aside from your discomfort, the sun's UV rays can discolour your vehicle's dashboard, leather, fabric, and plastic surfaces. Window tinting will protect you and the interior of your car from the sun's hot, harsh light in the summer and, on the flip side, help retain heat during the frigid winter months. Temperature regulation is the biggest benefit of window tinting, but there are others. They are:

  • Glare reduction 
  • Greater privacy 
  • An attractive appearance

Window tinting not only looks good, but it helps you drive safer, too!

Types of Window Tints

Window tint film is efficient and inexpensive. There are a handful of types of window tint film, including the following:

  • Dyed: This film is an economical, inexpensive option. It uses dye to block out the sun's rays.
  • Metallized: This tint reflects heat using small metallic particles embedded into the film. It will have a shiny appearance from the outside and can potentially interfere with cell phone, radio and GPS transmissions. 
  • Carbon:The most common type of window tint, the film is dark and features a matte finish. It won't fade over time. 
  • Ceramic: This high-quality tint is the most expensive and contains ceramic particles to filter out light. It's highly shatterproof, more effective in blocking the sun's UV rays, and offers improved visibility during both the day and night.

You'll be thankful you invested in window tinting when the temperature changes, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road!

The Window Tinting Process

Window tinting should be done by a professional because there is no room for error. Any dust, debris or air bubbles left behind will impact the performance and look of your window tint. Before we begin the process, your vehicle's windows will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared with special products and the film will be cut for a precise fit. Edges are then trimmed and any imperfections will be corrected. We know you'll be pleased with the end result! Give us a call today to schedule service.

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